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Inside beast

Spooky mickey

23 July
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  • lonewolfmercnry@livejournal.com
Hey everyone my name is Myb"miyabi" im just a Artist who loves cosplay,art and theatre. but most of all, i love music and dancing (though I'm not a great dancer).
I'm hoping one day to be a well known cosplayer throughout the world.

:D I also is searching for photographers to do pictures for me.

if you want to know more about....message me on either website from facebook to tumblr. i answer all questions...if there is too many questions I would make them all in one video.

"Miyabi is a amatuer artist and cosplayer hoping to some day reach master artist and cosplayer.Though that is one goal but to be a traveling cosplayer is another.By setting his/her mind and skills to motion he/she will hopefully make it by not sitting at home on his/her grandmothers couch playing mmo's and playing with the bunny,claudia."

My tumblr : www.lonewolfmercenary66.tumblr.com
My twiiter : https://twitter.com/rawrgoesmiyabi
My cure :
My deviantart:miyabitheakira66.deviantart.com
My wordpress(still under construction):http://silentravensite.wordpress.com/
My Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sixthgunmyblonewolf?ref=hl